Tunnel Tours

Tunnel Tours

Are you interested in seeing how a tunnel is built? Take a tour!

Get a first-hand look at a tunnel project and learn from professionals on the job. Tours are provided to student groups at the request of a faculty advisor. All participants must be over 18 and additional screening may be required. Group size will be dependent on the tour.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Tours

What will we get to see?

Tours vary by the project site but expect an above-ground presentation, a tour of the underground project and time to interact with members of the tunnel design and/or construction team. Tunnel entry is a planned part of the tour, but given the nature of construction projects, entry cannot be guaranteed.

How long is the tour?

Tours range from a half-day to a full day and will include presentations by key project personnel.

How many people can attend the tour?

The number of attendees allowed for a tour will depend on the project site, and whether underground access is planned. Typically, group sizes are limited to 5 people if underground access is planned. Larger groups may be possible for “surface” tours.

What is expected of me and my group?

Enjoy the experience and be prepared to provide feedback. Following the tour, your student group will be asked to respond to a survey about the tour. We also want you to take and share photos of your student group with us for use on undergroundcareers.org.

Everything is different in the underground industry. You're a creative problem solver who has to think on their feet. You will see more in one day than others will see in their whole career.

Matt Evans Engineer Professor at Oregon State University

What should I wear?

You must wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and steel-toes boots. Other required safety equipment (hard hat, safety glasses, etc.) will be provided on-site.

What will I need to bring?

Plan to bring a photo ID and any release forms provided prior to the tour. While on the tour, please plan to carry as little as possible on your person as the storage of personal items may not be available.

Should we bring snacks?

Lunch will be provided as part of the tour.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact our Student Affairs Advisor at downforthat@UCAofSME.org.