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Don't make your students imagine, show them real underground projects. We’ve collected case studies and presentations contributed by leading engineering and construction firms in one place for use in your classrooms.Our materials are well suited for geotechnical, structural, and construction engineering classes. Go further and bring it to life with on-site tunnel tours and guest lectures from industry professionals.

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Go onsite

Take your students on a tunnel tour

Nothing compares to experiencing the scale, scope, and depth of a working tunneling project first-hand. Tunnel tours are guided by industry professionals, allowing students to dive deeper into the complexities and problem-solving used in underground construction.

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Guest Speakers

Bring underground professionals to your class

Learn about projects and on-site problem-solving by inviting a guest speaker to your class or campus event. Industry professionals can speak on specific topics or interesting case histories and give students insight into underground career options. Students will also make valuable connections for internships and jobs.

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Engineering Students were surveyed
Here's what we found


Are very interested in seeing a tunnel under construction, but they don't know where to find one


Learn about careers from their professors, but they wish they knew more about underground careers


Know underground is a place for careers, but they don't know what the jobs are like

Photo credit: The Robbins Company
Teach the Professors

Join our Teach The Professors Course

The UCA Teach the Profs Civil Underground Program aims to educate university professors, lecturers and instructors so that they can use tunnel design and construction concepts to teach and inspire geotechnical, structural, and construction engineering students in the classroom. We will bring you to a tunneling conference so you can see the application of civil engineering in the underground.  Our industry professionals will work with you to help develop materials for your junior level civil engineering course.  For more information on the program, including dates, join our waiting list.

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See scholarships that are available for underground students

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