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Engineering Students

Are you "Down for That"?

Ambitious projects. Monster machines. World travel. These are just a few reasons an underground career is rewarding. Underground engineers work with multidisciplinary teams on crucial infrastructure projects that support solutions for the environment, economies, and societies around the world. Get started here to learn more and get involved in the underground industry.

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Tunnel Tours

Tour a tunnel under construction

Nothing beats being in a tunnel alongside the machines to experience the scale, scope, and depth of underground construction. Guided by industry professionals, a tour lets you dive deeper into the adventure and complexities of the underground.

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What does a career in underground look like?

The underground construction and tunneling workforce brings engineers from across multiple disciplines to create innovative solutions crucial to society, economies, and the environment. Explore the diverse stories of these professionals who make up the underground industry.

Academic Support Scholarships

Sponsored by UCA of SME. Scholarships vary and generally cover conference registration and travel fees.


Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships awarded to promising students in underground construction and tunneling.

Conference Attendance Scholarship

Conference Attendance Scholarships vary and generally cover conference registration and travel fees.

Start Digging

Our Resource Library is packed with presentations, videos, and case studies to give you an idea of the projects around the world in the underground industry. Whether building freeways under cities to transporting water underground, the work is never the same and always full of adventure.

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Young members webinar.

The North American Tunneling Conference (NAT) is the premier tunneling and underground construction event for North America. Network with the professionals and learn the most innovative and exciting developments in the industry. Check out our attendance scholarships here.